Our Vision

Introduce Our Vision

By proactively bidding or launching various international conventions and having all successfully convened, MECI will reposition Korea’s standing in the international MICE community and make history today.

Our Mission

Introduce Our Mission

As MECI International is a Global MICE Professional who provides customized services based on international thoughts which suit Korean culture and service environment, by developing MICE Professional Managers build on human-top-priority management and financial health, we maximize the ROI of clients through more professional consulting and systematic operation using innovative convention solutions.


Coupled with foremost PCO clusters in the world and accredited by ISO, MECI stands at the forefront of the international PCO communities.


Warmest greetings from Seoul to you all.

‘When people gather to share ideas and empathize with their experiences, a new path that no one has ever walked opens.’

We strongly believe in the convention’s infinite power, and we provide the best solution to deliver agendas for the present and the future.

CEO Bannie KIM

CEO History

  • President & CEO, MECI (2003~)
  • President, Korea Venture Business Women’s Association (2021~)
  • Vice President, Korea MICE Tourism Society (2015~)
  • F, President, Korea Association of PCO (KAPCO) (2015~2019)

CEO Bannie KIM


Decorated and awarded by many, awards and decorations bear testimony to the exciting accomplishments that MECI has achieved since its launch in 2003.